We Tried This CBD Skincare Brand and We Aren't Going Back to La Mer ($100+ Off)

Though once seen as taboo, CBD has practically become a household essential these days. Whether you’re enjoying it as a pain-relief cream, an oil or maybe even a gummy, its numerous benefits are changing lives everywhere. But have you tried it in your skincare? Did you know the “B” in CBD actually stands for “beauty”? Just kidding, of course, but it might as well!

KULCBD is a beauty and wellness brand proving exactly why CBD belongs in your skincare routine. The brand seeks to provide you the highest-quality forms of CBD and skin-nourishing essentials — and nothing more — so you’re not wasting any money on ingredients your skin won’t love. No more $500 creams from La Mer; you won’t need them anymore. This brand used to only be available at spas, but now you can order the products online and have them shipped straight to your doorstep!

CBD Is Here, and It’s Real

There’s no denying it – CBD has entered the mainstream in a big way. From oils and tinctures to all kinds of beauty and wellness products, CBD is a REAL breakthrough.

Adding CBD to your skincare routine could have many benefits. It could soothe redness and irritation, keep your complexion youthful, cleanse it without stripping it of its natural moisture, produce a dewy glow and promote your overall health and wellness. Sounds like a plan to Us. That’s why we’ve been testing out KULCBD’s fan-favorite, top-notch skincare products. Spoiler alert: We’re in love. We want you to join in on the fun too, so let Us introduce you to your new routine below — and give you a code for 30% off! KUL30OFF could save you hundreds of dollars, so what are we waiting for?

1. Anti-Aging Moisturizer

This CBD moisturizer is an essential for your morning routine, waking your skin up with its refreshing blend of probiotics, micro-algae and botanicals. It has a smooth, buttery texture that’s lightweight but not too thin, and its scent is reminiscent of the Exfoliating Cleanser, though a little more muted. Its “power-blend” of ingredients, rich in antioxidants, is going to be a pure joy for anyone looking for calm, hydrated, happy skin — a.k.a. everybody!

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2. Exfoliating Cleanser

Have you ever used a physical exfoliator in a gel form? Because this one is pure luxury. You can actually feel it moisturizing your face instead of stripping it, all while the apricot seeds slough away dead skin. The blend of pyrus malus (apple) and green tea extract creates an absolutely gorgeous, clean scent — one we’d love in a perfume — and the full spectrum CBD and probiotics are packed in to leave skin looking youthful and healthy. It’s a truly stunning cleanser!

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3. GLÖ Serum

A serum is a must-have step in any skincare routine if you’re looking to see visible results. This oil-based one has 500 mg of full spectrum CBD, so you know it’s not messing around. It’s made with rose extract, which gives it its beautiful floral fragrance, milk thistle and tamanu. Texture-wise, it’s actually thin and a little runny, but totally silky. It blends in easily, leaving a velvety finish behind once it starts to absorb. If you’re looking to add some radiance to your regimen, this serum is the way to do it — especially while you can save nearly $70 on it!

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4. Night Repair Moisturizer

Now that you’re set with a daytime moisturizer, you’ll need one for just before bed too. How about one with a blend of both CBD and retinol? What if it also doubled up on the probiotics and micro-algae to send your skin into a fully restorative state as your snooze the night away? That’s what this night cream is all about. It has a calming, earthy scent and a thicker texture than its morning counterpart, and applying it is less of a chore and more of a lavish experience you’ll never want to end!

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5. Get Glowing Kit

Want to replace your entire beauty and wellness routine at once? This value kit has everything you need, and you’ll save literally over $130 on it with code KUL30OFF. As one shopper said, “For the price of one La Mer jar, you get this whole kit,” and it’s a kit that truly works “miracles.” Another described the products as “light, fresh, luxurious and affordable.” How would we describe it? As all of the above, of course, as well as a life-changing purchase you won’t regret!

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